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Ylöjärvi: Pohjankylä beach

The beach area has a changing room and a WC/latrine.

Ylöjärvi: Parkkuu beach

A beach in Parkkuu, Ylöjärvi.

Ylöjärvi: Kuusela beach

The beach area has changing rooms, WC/latrine, pier and a Summer Cafe.

Virrat: Kalettomanlahti beach

Virrat Harbour is the last stopping point for the steamship Tarjanne from Tampere to Virrat. From the Virrat Harbour, you can find Kalettomanlahti beach, which has been completely renewed with diving tower, beach park and a guest boat marina. The Resta …

Virrat: Herranen beach

A beach at the Holiday Island Marttinen.

Tampere: Viitapohja beach

The beach area has a changing room, WC/latrine and a pier.

Tampere: Suomensaari beach

The beach area has a changing room, WC/latrine, pier, sauna, shower, winter swimming facility and a games field.

Tampere: Olkahinen beach

The beach area has a WC/latrine, changing room and a pier.

Tampere: Maisansalo beach

Maisansalo beach is located at the Maisansalo camping area. In the area, you can also play minigolf and volleyball.

Tampere: Kämmenniemi beach

The beach area has a changing room, WC/latrine and a pier.

Mänttä-Vilppula: Rusinniemi beach

The beach area has changing rooms and a pier.

Mänttä-Vilppula: Pohjaslahti Harbour beach

A beach at Pohjaslahti Harbour. You can find a changing room, grill shelter and a WC/latrine at the area.

Mänttä-Vilppula: Kolho beach

The beach area has a pier, changing room, WC/latrine and a beach volleyball court.

Mänttä-Vilppula: Harbour beach

The beach area has changing rooms and a pier.

Juupajoki: Juupavaara beach

A beach in the area of Juupavaara Leisure Center. Check out what else Juupavaara has to offer.


Ylöjärvi: Kuru Church

The shingle roofed wooden church of Kuru was completed in 1781. It was designed and built by Matti Åkerblom and has 700 seats. In 1848, a sacristy was built on the east side of the church. The altarpiece is painted by B. A. Thule in 1852. The Kuru Chur …

Ylöjärvi: Finnish Museum of Refrigeration

The Finnish Museum of Refrigeration has a chilling amount of history about the development of refrigeration techniques. For a long time the museum was owned by its founder, Dr. in Technology h.c. Paavo V. Suominen. He donated the museum with all its co …

Ylöjärvi: Ensign Stål´s Cabin

The main attraction of the Kuru Open Air Museum is the Ensign Stål’s Cabin from the 1750s. This is where Ensign Karl Gustaf Polviander lived. He fought in the Swedish army against Napoleon’s troops in Germany in 1807 and took part in the War of Finland …

Virrat: Virrat Heritage Village

Virrat Heritage Village is a destination for the whole family. It’s a museum and a tourist attraction in the historically valuable island of Marttinen. In the Rajalahti Farmhouse Museum and in the Hali Logger’s Camp Museum the visitors can explore the …

Ruovesi: Ruovesi Church

Ruovesi’s Sofia Magdalena church was completed in 1778. At the graveyard, you can find a memorial dedicated to the deceased of the Steamship Kuru sinking in 1929.

Ruovesi: Kirnusalmi Rock Paintings

A little more adventurous travellers can head to search for the Kirnusalmi Rock Paintings. The paintings are thought to be made in collaboration by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Hugo Simberg. The surrounding nature is also beautiful, but quite hard to achi …

Mänttä-Vilppula: Serlachius museums: Gustaf

Gustaf wants to produce new kinds of exhibition experiences for the visitors. The themes of curious and surprising exhibitions of the museum tell stories about the legends of industry as well as about art. The museum building, former head office of a f …

Mänttä-Vilppula: Serlachius museums: Gösta

Art museum Gösta shows several thematic art exhibitions. The collections are known for the masterpieces of Finnish Golden Age of art as well as old European masters. The Fine Arts Foundation has also started to collect contemporary art following the ex …

Juupajoki: Koskenjalka Shoe and Leather Museum

Finland’s first shoe factory started in Korkeakoski in 1897. A self-made man, Mr Edward Wallenius had built a modern tannery four years earlier. The first generator produced light in 1895 and a hydroelectric plant was built in 1899. Edward Wallenius le …

Juupajoki: Kallenaution Kievari Museum

Kallenaution Kievari Museum comprises of about 250 years old building and many buildings at the courtyard with old artifacts. In summer, the museum hosts variety of art exhibitions. In the courtyard, you can find domestic animals. There is also a handi …

Juupajoki: Church of Juupajoki

The octagon shaped wooden church was built in 1838-1846. Its architectural design is quite unique.


Virrat: Toriseva Ravine Lakes

The Toriseva Ravine Lakes consists of three lakes, Lower, Middle and Upper Toriseva. The Toriseva Lakes are known for their depth, with the deepest lake being the Middle Toriseva (37 m), and also for their steep lakeside cliffs. Toriseva Ravine Lakes a …

Tampere: Viitaniemi Horse Farm

Viitaniemi is an idyllic farm and horse center just 30 kilometers away from Tampere. The farm is located in the Viitapohja village, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Ruovesi: Siikaneva Conservation Area

Siikaneva is the largest contiguous area of swamps in Pirkanmaa region. Most of the area is swampland subject to state preservation orders or individual conservation areas. Siikaneva’s diverse range of wildlife and landscapes can be admired from paths …

Ruovesi: Ryövärinkuoppa Conservation Area

A nature trail measuring half a kilometre in length passing through a lush open spring and surrounded by a wide range of plant species. The area’s name (Ryövärinkuoppa), which translates as the Bandit’s Hole, originates from its reputation as a hideout …

Ruovesi: Runeberg´s Spring

Runeberg’s Spring is a spring at the end of the Runebergintie road. The spring is one of Finland’s major natural history sights and it was a meeting place even before Runeberg’s time. J. L. Runeberg lived in Ruovesi and worked as a home teacher. His po …

Ruovesi: Lyly Hiking Trails

The first part of the Lyly Hiking Trails was introduced in 1999. The trail was between the village of Lyly and Mäkelän Lomatuvat cottages. In 2006, the trail was extended to Juupavaara Leisure Center and in 2009 to Kaaponharju Nature Trail. The Lyly Hi …

Ruovesi: Kirnusalmi Rock Paintings

A little more adventurous travellers can head to search for the Kirnusalmi Rock Paintings. The paintings are thought to be made in collaboration by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Hugo Simberg. The surrounding nature is also beautiful, but quite hard to achi …

Ruovesi: Helvetinjärvi National Park

The park’s landscape is dominated by geological features created millions of years ago by mighty movements deep in the Earth’s crust. After admiring the rugged cliffs around Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) and Helvetinkolu (gorge) you can relax on the sand …

Mänttä-Vilppula: Mäntänvuori Conservation Area

Mäntänvuori Conservation Area has nature trails, an observation tower and a nature church. You can also find the Vuorenmaja Wine Tavern at Mäntänvuori. The observation tower used to be a ski jump tower. After refurbishing in 2005, it has served as an o …

Mänttä-Vilppula: Lumometsän tupa (accommodation)

Lumometsän tupa is located in the middle of The Finnish Forest Research Institute’s area. Accommodation is available in the courtyard shed, which has 2 double rooms. The guests have a kitchen, WC, showers and a sauna available. It is also possible to g …

Mänttä-Vilppula: Lemmenpolku Trail

Lemmenpolku Trail goes along the Mänttä shoreside between the Art museum Gösta and the Art Hotel Honkahovi.

Mänttä-Vilppula: Elämänmäki Conservation Area

At the start of the 1900s, Elämänmäki had a natural healing center established by the doctor Edvard Wilhelm Lybeck. The healing center was used by many famous people of that time, for example Gallen-Kallela and Sillanpää. The bizarre healing methods we …

Juupajoki: Juupajoen rotko (canyon)

Juupajoen rotko is a 1,5 km long trail and a famous natural attraction. It’s a 30 meters deep canyon in the middle of an old industrial milieu. There is also a shorter trail that is about 500 meters long.

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