Length: The whole route is about 145 km, or 60-70 km using the steamship Tarjanne for one way.

Recommendation: 2-4 days or a day trip using the ship

GPX-file for navigation: Rantatie

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Rantatie route follows the shoreside roads of the Lake Näsijärvi. The roads are peaceful and the scenery is beautiful throughout the route. The lake scenery from Terälahti to Kapee, West-Teisko’s hilly countryside roads and of course the Murole Canal are all highlights of the route. The Summer Cafe at the Murole Canal is at a beautiful location to enjoy a summer evening.

The route is perfect for a weekend trip. Check out more tips from Murole Scenic Route.

You can easily combine a cruise on the Lake Näsijärvi to your cycling trip. Just hop off the ship at the Murole Canal and cycle back to Tampere either from the Ylöjärvi side or the Teisko side of the Lake Näsijärvi. You can also hop on the ship at Murole Canal in afternoon and be back at Tampere Mustalahti Harbour in evening.

More detailed route description

The route is about 145 kilometers long. The roads are mainly paved and in good shape. The roads are a bit hilly in some parts. Heading from Mustalahti Harbour to Teisko, the route goes from Atala and Olkahinen, and there is a cycle path all the way to Kämmenniemi. In Terälahti, you turn to Kapee and follow the peaceful paved road through Murole Canal to Kuru.

Tarjanne steamship from Tampere to Virrat stops at Murole Canal at 1 pm. From there, you can cycle back to Tampere (76 km from Ylöjärvi side and 65 km from Teisko side). Going back from Virrat to Tampere, the steamship stops at Murole Canal at 3.45 pm.

If you want, you can shorten your trip by cycling Velaantie (road 338) and Muroleenkyläntie (road 3382) at the Teisko side of the route. At the Ylöjärvi side, you can skip the shoreside of West-Teisko and choose the Uusi-Kuruntie (road 65). Choosing these roads, the trip shortens about 20 kilometers. The Uusi-Kuruntie is quite busy, so the shoreside is a much more pleasant option.