Length: 320 km

Recommendation: For an active cyclist 2-3 days, as a culture trip 5-7 days

GPX-file for navigation: Karhunkaataja

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Karhunkaataja is the Grand Tour of the Näsijärvi Lake Trail. The length of the full route is about 320 kilometers, offering a challenge even for an active cyclist.

The route has classic attractions such as the Helvetinjärvi National Park and the Ravine Lakes of Toriseva. You will get to know the art treasures of Mänttä-Vilppula and the island scenery of Ruovesi, which has inspired great Finnish artists such as Runeberg and Gallen-Kallela. The same inspiring and peaceful beauty of nature can still be found from there, if you just have the patience to stop for a while.

The route is perfect for a several days trip, so the day trips won’t be too long and you will still have something new to discover every day. Splitting the trip for several days leaves you time to relax also, instead of cycling all day. If you travel the route clockwise, you can spend the last day at Ruovesi and hop on the ship for some of the way. In any case, the route can be designed in many ways with ships and trains.

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