Näsijärvi Lake Trail

Explore the amazing Näsijärvi Lake Trail! On the route, you will get to see amazing scenery, taste locally grown food, enjoy culture and the peace of nature. You can make your trip easier by cruising some of the way with the Tarjanne steamship or by using the local trains. Cycling and Pirkanmaa region are a match made in heaven.

Municipalities on the route: Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Virrat, Ruovesi, Mänttä-Vilppula and Juupajoki, all offering tasty local services for cyclists!


On this page you will find ready-made travel tips for inspiration on your summer trips!


Rantatie follows the shoreside of the Lake Näsijärvi and goes to the other side through Murole canal. Rantatie is full of amazing scenery, peaceful countryside roads, agritourism and easygoing atmosphere. Read more from here!

Patruunan polku

Patruunan polku will introduce you to the northern side of the Lake Näsijärvi. You will get to know Virrat, Ruovesi and Mänttä-Vilppula, all full of amazing attractions. Visit the ravine lakes of Toriseva, Helvetinjärvi National Park, Runeberg’s Spring and the Serlachius museums in Mänttä-Vilppula. Read more from here!


Karhunkaataja is the Grand Tour of the Näsijärvi Lake Trail. There is a lot of kilometers to cycle and the route will challenge even the more experienced cyclists. The route is full of services and attractions. Read more from here!

Idyllic accommodation in beautiful lake scenery

Näsijärvi Lake Trail offers versatile accommodation from farmhouses to personal B&B services and unique hotels in the middle of nature. Check out the different accommodation options and reserve your accommodation.


Book your accommodation on Gofinland

Näsijärvi Lake Trail is now on Gofinland. You can book your accommodation on Gofinland’s website to make planning your trip easier!

Towards summer with Activepasses!

Hopealinjat Activepasses combine a cruise on the Lake Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi to your cycling trip even easier than before.

There are different passes to choose from depending on what you want. For example, you can choose a family friendly Maisemareitti that includes a cruise to Nokia Eden or a Karhunkaataja that is good for an active cyclist. Check out our travel tips for the lake Pyhäjärvi Activepasses from here!

Buy your own pass from Hopealinjat online store and you will be a one step closer to summer!

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